Wednesday, 15 June 2011

32 red casino review

32Red Casino: Of all the online casinos I've played (and believe me it's been a few!!) 32Red is in my opinion the best casino I've come across. I've played here for 6 years now and it's still my first port of call despite doing online casino reviews for over 100 online casinos here at TCC so it should be fairly obvious that 32Red casino is in my all-time list of top online casinos (you could apply similar comments to Dash casino which is another 32Red brand). As someone who knows the scene very well and gets immensely p*ssed off by slow payments and poor support, that's as big an endorsement as I could give to any online casino quite frankly. An independent Microgaming Casino, 32Red is based out of Gibraltar with it's own friendly team of support and back-end staff who accept players from pretty much any country with the exception of the USA. 

There's no doubt that 32Red casino's reputation is largely based on the way in which customers are treated. In an industry known for attracting more than the odd cowboy or two, it's refreshing to see a casino consistently get glowing reputations on the regular player forum haunts. In fact, in all the time I've been active in these circles, the only complaints I've ever seen levelled against 32Red casino in the player forums are bonus related - an area that all online casinos without exception come in for from time to time, mainly down to the terms and conditions that are applied. 

So let's clear that area up first. 32Red casino provides different bonuses to different types of player depending on their game preferences. Bonus hunters (gamblers who flit from casino to casino trying to win off the bonuses offerred) are generally discouraged by the wagering condition. 32Red's Wagering conditions and bonus structure are pretty much the average these days but a fair few players still fail to understand bonus terms so make sure you read associated T&C's before you play with a bonus, whichever casino you choose. It's good to see that 32Red ask you to claim the bonus rather than having it credited automatically as this means players who prefer to wager without restrictions can choose to do so. 

If you are a regular player looking for a casino who will treat you right, play a fair game, pay you promptly and reward you with loyalty gifts from time to time then 32Red casino would be a great choice. In all my experiences playing online and in all the casino reviews I have conducted, I seriously don't believe I have found an online casino that quite rivals 32Red - even the otherwise excellent Ladbrokes casino doesn't quite treat the player the same. 

Being on Microgaming's "Viper" software (with an optional Flash casino available too), 32red casino gets all the latest games very quickly and as with all Microgaming software-powered casinos, these really seem to be the most aesthetically pleasing (although Playtech slots and Live Dealer games at places like Bet365 casinoare pretty decent too). From several variants of Blackjack to varied Video Pokers (Deuces Wild, All american, Double Double Bonus, Jacks Or Better and several others), plenty of Slots choice with some exciting bonus games too, you'll find pretty much something for everyone here. Viper at 32Red means you get the "Auto-Play" facility on many games and for newbies, or Video Poker players not quite confident on the strategy, there is Auto-Hold too, always holding the right combination of cards for the optimum return. 

At writing, 32Red support a number of banking options (in any of Euros, US Dollars and UK Pounds): debit and credit card, NETeller, Ukash, Western Union, ECO, Firepay and Direct Wire. Unusually they will also allow withdrawals to a credit card (where legally applicable) and with a very reasonable 4 hour "reverse pending" period in place (you can email support to get it reduced to 1 hour if you wish), processing is generally done on the following day although I frequently have withdrawals back in NETeller in as little as 4-8 hrs. 

Like any online casino, 32Red casino could improve. The "Club Rouge" VIP loyalty program is "invite only" although regular players can still accrue loyalty points now. Also, I find that good promotions are less regular than at other Microgamng casinos such as Allslots casino or the UK based Ruby Fortune casino, but to be honest, these are a small price to pay for the overall quality of service. Next day withdrawals, 15 minute support response, Live Chat for support in a few seconds and a great interface are the foundation for a casino that has won the respected "Casinomeister Best Casino" award every year from 2003 through to 2010 and "Casino of the Decade" just to top it off! That probably says all you need to know about 32Red casino! 

Rouletteadvice - and FREE Ebook! -

Rouletteadvice - and FREE Ebook! -

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

How to use the dozen roulette system


There are many different strategies for winning roulette but we have found that this one seems to be the best roulette system for consistently winning money with very low risk. For this roulette technique, we will only concentrate on the Dozen Bets.

The dozen bets are the spots on the table that say “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, and “3rd 12” If you bet on 1st 12, then you will win if any number from 1-12 hit. If you bet on 2nd 12, you will win if any number from 13-24 hit. And if you bet on 3rd 12, you will win if any number from 25-36 hit. If the zero hits then none of the dozen bets will win.

Here is what a bet on "1st 12" or Low(L) looks like:
Here is what a bet on "2nd 12" or Middle(M) looks like:
Here is what a bet on "3rd 12" or High(H) looks like:
This system uses a progression so that no matter how many times you lose, you will make a profit from your win. If you follow these instructions exactly, you will win from £1 to £3 profit for every winning number regardless of how many losing bets you previously had.
The tables below will explain.
The idea with this is to keep a precise record of exactly how the table you are betting on is ‘Running’. There is no point to betting at random, so please, be accurate with this. What you need to do is every time you spin the wheel, record whether a "Low," (L) "Middle" (M) or "High" (H) number drops in.

For example, if you are on a table and spin the wheel ten times, and the following numbers drop in: 04, 11, 36, 14, 20, 25, 02, 33, 13, 16, your table would look like this:

When you begin to play roulette, DO NOT place ANY bets at all. Patience is the key now. Keep spinning the wheel and recording what numbers drop in on your table. What you are waiting for is a consecutive run where 1 of the sections of number has not come in for 5 spins.

What I mean is this – say the following numbers now drop into the above table: 32, 17. The table now looks like this:

A "Low" number (L) hasn’t dropped in for five consecutive spins. It’s time to start betting!
Refer to this chart when betting:
Place bet number 1 on the "1st 12" or "Low(L)" section of the board (if unsure, check diagram above). Spin the wheel. If a low number drops in, Congratulations! You are now in profit! If not, do not worry. Place bet number 2 on Low. Again, if you win, well done, you are in profit! If not, don’t worry, place bet number 3 on "Low". Keep placing the bets until you win. By doing this, and sticking to the staking plan shown on the left, you will never lose when your number drops in. You must be precise though!

I know that the profit does not appear to be a lot per bet, but as it is possible to lay up to 70 bets in an hour, your money will soon add up. Think about it. I bet $70 an hour is a better wage than you are earning at the minute, and all it takes is a bit of time and discipline!

You may be a little confused but just read through it again and you will soon get the hang of it.

Betting Tips

  • Keep an eye on the history tab. When you see doubles, such as the 24 came up 2 times or the 18 came up 3 times, wait for 7 or 8 spins instead of just 5 before you start betting.
  • If doubles and triples start coming up more than 1 time, either keep spinning until they fall off the history tab or leave the table and rejoin.
  • Try not to spend more than 15-20 minutes at one table. You can change tables by going back to the lobby and then going back into the roulette game.
  • Don't get greedy. Go for a set amount of money each session and stick to it. Once you reach that amount, stop playing and go back another time to do it again. Most importantly Stick To the System!
This roulette system works great on 32 Red Casino, the reason is because 32 red have not updated there casino software so you can win loads using this system, my close friend who works for 32 Red
has told me that they have no intentions with updating there casino software so 32 Red still wont catch on when you use this roulette system, many other online casinos have updated there software and when you are using any roulette system they instantly ban you, but 32 Red aint updating there software because they will have to shutdown there website for a whole week just to update and change everything, and they don't want to do that because they will lose out on money!!!!!!

Thats about it from me, you can click on the 32 Red Banner below to go to the site check it out for yourself its 100% free plus you get £32 for signing up and you dont even have to deposit anything to get it!